Thursday, 29 September 2011

Who cares?

How this happened?

On a recent walk around KL with an old friend who came visiting from Pontianak I was shock to see some worrying cracks on  the concrete rail behind the Dayabumi building leading to  Pasar Seni. I was indeed curious to know what really caused these cracks? The  little brain   between my ears  suggest that these cracks could indicate the possible existence of a    subterranean stream or can also be due to the effect of  the many earth quakes from across the Straits or for some other reasons I do not know.

Visible cracks

I wonder  whether any checks or investigations were done on matters like this. Maybe no one realises this or it could just be that trivial matters like this usually go unnoticed. In short someone is sleeping on his job. Only when incident like  a sink hole happened then fingers will start pointing up, down, left, right and center searching for a scapegoat. This, of course is our national trend.

What is the cause?

Even a minute matter like this needs to get  answers about the cause.If there is no cause for alarm , then it is okay. But isn't prevention  better than cure?

So who is responsible for this? I hope the relevant authority conduct investigations to establish the causes and ensure that nothing is actually wrong. Is this a construction defect? Aren't they supposed to ensure worries like this don't happen? If so, then why this and furthermore no rectification efforts were  made.  I am neither an engineer,seismologist nor geologist but,whatever the situation let's hope nothing serious occur and life can go on usual. May Allah protect us always!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sacrifice of a brave journalist

It is indeed a sad day for Malaysia and in particular to the Malaysian humanitarian group to Somalia. Noramfaizul Mohd Noor a member of the media group went with a mission to record all activities of the humanitarian group in Somalia and died a hero. However this was destined to happen and the risks are obvious to everyone. A war journalist can never avoid risks and that includes death.

However some important factors need to be focused to ensure the safety of future mission members and to maintained a high level of alertness. Recollecting my experience while in the Balkan, upon our arrival a security brief was given to all mission members. We knew clearly about the risks we faced and everyone of us left everything to Almighty God. The dos and the don'ts were made clear to us before we went on our various assignments. But although much was said  we have to accept that  fate knows no one and can strike without notice and this can be painful to accept.

Also on mission like this, like it or not, all  should wear the flak jacket and helmet as a precaution each time on assignment as danger lurks in every corner. Hopefully future missions to conflict areas anywhere in the globe should undergo a proper briefing before departure as well as upon arrival. Necessary equipments should also be supplied to each and every member of the group including communication.Members should   be physically fit as conditions, in particular, in conflict areas demands this. Probably some form of training is conducted here before departure to expose members to circumstances they might encounter at their destination.

Whatever the situation, what was done cannot be undone and what is more important here is that a lesson is learnt from this unfortunate incident. In a conflict area like Somalia, although the government is responsible for the safety of everyone, they cannot be totally blamed.One must clearly remember that the government faced limitations by years of conflict and the individuals concerned have to ensure his or her own security in a volatile zone like in Somalia.

We must also accept that this  will not be the end and it will happen again because the risks are always there and everyone on a mission like this understands this very well.In conflict areas the  risks cannot be eradicated totally. So at this juncture there is no point crying over split milk but instead we should focus our efforts to  improve standards and plan for future missions.

 Noramfaizul Mohd Noor, may Allah swt bless your soul and the family should remain strong in the face of such a calamity. It is hoped that whatever promises made to the family by the government is not a mere lip service but a reality. 

Noramfaizul Mohd Noor, may Allah bless your soul. Alfatihah.