Thursday 30 June 2011

Osman Bakar's Trip to Incredible India

In this photo: Kanyakumari South India July 2010. Incredible India. 

I know most would prefer to travel in the comfort of an organised tour and of course most folks will prefer to travel in a place with all the pampering.

Actually India is an interesting place and from my point of view a tough place apart from other places like in Africa. 

For a backpacker like me this was indeed a journey of a lifetime. 

Seen what life is all about, running from the comfort of a cosmopolitan life in KL and retreating into a village living with relations who lack many of the facilities I know of. 

Seeing is believing.This will remain permanently carved into the walls of my memory forever. 

Many interesting places to visit in big and small towns .This place called Kaniyakumari is located at the southernmost part of India.

One gets to see the sunrise and sunset and of course the 'sun' gets to play the main role putting MGR into second place as the crowd will cheer once the sun shows her shining face........

Courtallam @ Kuttalam in Tamil Nadu has 5 waterfalls. During the rainy season crowds head for this resort something like our waterfall in Penang. 

It is said that the water with its herbal contents is good for the health. 

The long queue and huge crowd spoilt my plans to join the crowd in the festive mood. 

Mind you the water is really cold!