Sunday 1 February 2015


Just how fast time flies and soon we will be commemorating the anniversary of the loss of our MH 370.  This tragic catastrophe has in fact given rise to various speculations and theories and created much confusion as to what was the truth behind this tragedy?. Finally the Malaysian Government made a  official declaration announcing that Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 an accident and that all 239 passengers and the crew were dead' paving a way for the next of kin to file compensation claims. A mixed reactions from those affected.Some chose to accept  the government's announcement while some remain adamant and will probably  accept such a declaration when the wreckage was found. Unfortunately this still seems to be a long way ahead as till this stage in time those involved in the SAR operations do not have any positive indication as to the whereabouts of MH 370 that simply vanished from the clear blue skies.

Search And Rescue (SAR) operations launched is likened to a search for a 'needle in the hay stack'. We   knew  exactly the kind of needle  we are looking (MH370)  for however, the pertinent question is which 'hay stack' are we going to put our concentration on? Is the 'hay stack' the South China Sea, the Southern or Northern Corridor? This is absolutely hard to establish due to the lack of precise information regarding the final flight path of MH 370. By the way how, did the US military base in Diego Garcia, believed to possess the best air surveillance system, throw any light on this? Did they come up with anything useful other than providing logistic support for the SAR? So the frustrating search goes on and on.

Diego Garcia near the southern corridor
If all passengers on and crew on board were dead, then where are their bodies? An interesting point here is the reported sighting of an unidentified aircraft intruding into our air space.Surprisingly no one bothered to check this out and this failure has contributed to this situation we now face. Probably those working in "Area 51" in the United States can comment on this UFO thing. All these can make one's imagination run wild. So extra terrestrial beings do exist after all don't they?. The failure of those manning our air space surveillance system  had now incurred us million of dollars allotted for the SAR on MH 370.This leads us to question the purpose of having our Sukhoi fighters and other aircrafts?

Just a recollection, sometime in October 2014 a Singapore aircraft from Sibu to Seletar was intercepted by Indonesian Sukhoi fighter jets and subsequently instructed to land in Pontianak,West Kalimantan as the Singapore aircraft was flying over the country without flight approval.This is an indication as to how serious the Indonesians are with their responsibilities  protecting their air space while we, on the other hand, chose to do otherwise.Someone is responsible here and what action was taken - nothing probably.

Those responsible with our air defence systems need to be more sensitive and accountable to preserve our sovereignty and security.This failure to check out the 'UFO' had thrown us into this vague premonition of disaster as MH 370 'may probably have been hijacked by aliens from another planet'. Those on duty that fatal day had caused this unnecessary calamity and also drained millions in public funds  needed for the search for that 'needle in the hay stack'.

What has happened cannot be undone so let us continue to pray to  Almighty GOD and may the truth prevail.Oh God save this nation the anguish and the bereavement suffered by the next of kin. May those who lost their loved ones be bestowed the strength to face this extreme pain and anguish.

Finally it is very important for those in authority to be transparent and seriously look at the  shortcomings and failures. More important is to ensure that our sovereignity,safety and national security are never at any stage compromised.