Thursday 3 January 2013


Foot path to Seri Setia commuter station
 Ever since it's inception into service more than three decades ago I have been a regular on the KTM commuter.Taking the commuter to and from work every day reduces the stress of having to face the daily traffic jam along the way to Kuala Lumpur. Only two factors come to play, anxiety about the commuter's timing is one thing while the other is about  the walk to the Seri Setia commuter station that can be very stressful especially after a heavy downpour .

Puddles of  water cause you to jump like a frog to avoid getting your shinning shoes soiled. Then comes a motorist with no sense at all just ride pass and splashing the dirty water on to your pants. I have experienced this situation a couple of times and seen ladies experiencing the same situation too. When can clowns like these ever have some consideration.For over three decades this condition existed with no one ever doing anything. Someone has to be responsible. The KTM did nothing as  their fence is about 10 meters from the path while the Guinness Anchor Brewery's (GAB) red brick wall clearly defined their jurisdiction.This left us with only one other authority that logically must be responsible for this road and the finger can surely point to the state government. YBs from the previous government came and went but this stretch of road situation  remained unchanged.
Difficult walk for ladies with high heels

Shortly after the 2008 GE the newly elected PKR representative for Seri Setia made his first visit to the Ar Rahmah mosque and I had only one request in mind to make, that is, for YB Nik Najmi to tackle this road problem. I thought that if this was a 'no man's land' than I  better forward an application to develop the stretch and impose  toll on pedestrians, cyclists as well as motorcyclist plying this short stretch.Can be lucrative in fact. He acknowledged and I was delighted. Months went by with no sign of action in sight. Are  minor problems like this just allowed to remain the same?I began to have the same impression that most YBs were the same. Highlighted this problem on FB and after quite sometime, on a day early last year, I was delighted to see workers  busy at work here. I soon realise that my predicament related to this road will soon be over. Most regulars using this road must have the same.
Portion left unfinished
A relaxing walk
My oh my!
The work seemed to have been completed but surprisingly a short stretch that lead to the overhead bridge was left untouched.Funny, how come, is something wrong with the budget?  This condition prevailed for quite a long time too. What a job done halfway.
The incomplete work

Yahoo!Finally on 2 Jan 2013 the project  completed
However in the afternoon of 2 Jan 2013 as was walking along the overhead bridge heading for the Seri Setia station I was surprised to see that the whole stretch of the once gravel and puddle road transformed making the short walk to the  commuter station more pleasant. You need not have to worry about kicking  a stone while walking and falling over getting water splashed onto you by inconsiderate motorcylists. The ladies especially those wearing high heel shoes can now walk gracefully to the station.

Well, it is better late than never. To YB Nik Najmi "Thank You Sir". Oh yes, another small request YB, what about having a covered walkway from the overhead bridge from Sg Way town to the commuter station as a next project?